Secure Access Gateway Design for Smart Grid and Smart Home


Executive Summary


Secure and efficient communication between human beings and managed devices is key to the success of Smart Grid and Smart Home technology. Security has to be ensured from the aspects of access control, privacy protection, communication integrity, and intrusion detection.  Unfortunately, the security provided by existing systems is far from adequate.  MSU researchers have developed an improved architecture and design of a secure access gateway (SAG) for home area networks as the interface between remote users and the managed devices.  Unlike the existing designs, this new MSU technology provides the owner full right for remote access and security control of customer data.


Description of Technology


The novel SAG architecture and design enable the Smart Home remote user to monitor and control the managed devices real-time through a computer or a Smart phone.  The managed devices reside in a ZigBee network, and up to 65,000 ZigBee enabled devices can be added.  The cryptographic security algorithms are a onetime password log in code.  So each password is used once form each device. 


Key Benefits

  • Better security—lower hacking potential
  • User controlled data—data is stored in house
  • Eliminates need to store personal information on provider’s server or cloud
  • Lower cost— Up to 65,000 devices can be connected and programed
  • Remote access—access your devices anywhere through your smart phone



  • Smart homes
  • Assisted living
  • Office and industrial site control


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Inventors: Jian Ren, Tongtong Li, Xiaochen Tang,


Tech ID: TEC2015-0093


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Raymond Devito
Technology Manager
Michigan State University