Epitope Delivery for Effective Anti-Tumor Immunotherapy


Executive Summary


MSU researchers have discovered a way to activate our natural immune system to lead the fight against cancer.  By activating the innate immune system which does not normally recognize cancer, the severe side effects common to cancer therapeutics can be significantly reduced or avoided altogether.  This research has the potential to change the paradigm on how we treat cancer. 


Description of Technology


The therapeutic efficacy of current technology can be improved by this MSU discovery due to the enhanced epitope cross-presentation. This epitope cross-presentation, in effect labels the cancer for destruction by the immune system via increased cytotoxic T-cell attack.  This technique leads to a 100% survival rate in a 30-day mouse model, whereas untreated mice were deceased after 20 days.


Key Benefits

  • Decreased tumor growth rate for a broad range of different tumor cells.



  • Tumor / Cancer Therapy / Immunotherapy


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Inventors: Dr. Xuefei Huang, Herbert Kavunja, Shuyao Lang, Suttipun Sungsuwan,

Dr. Zhaojun Yin


Tech ID: TEC2016-0096


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Nina (Isi) Davis, Technology Marketing Manager, email: davisnin@msu.edu, phone (direct): (517)884-1829. 


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