Conductive Coatings Produced by Monolayer Deposition on Surfaces


Executive Summary


Graphite has excellent material properties such as thermal and electrical conductivity, strength, and abundance.  Highly customizable use of graphite is now possible for coatings, films, and composites. 


Description of Technology


Nanographite coating and films can be created with this technology cost effectively.  Nanographite coating and films can offer superior mechanical, electrical, thermal, and barrier properties for a range of materials.  Various methods are provide surface coatings of the graphite platelets on insulating fibers for increased conductivity. Graphite coated glass fibers can be used to produce reinforced composite materials. Reinforced composite materials with graphite coated fibers can be used to facilitate electrostatically painting without a conductive primer.


Key Benefits

  • Customize fiber or material properties
  • Enhance fiber or material properties with graphite coating
  • Simple coating methodology



  • Reinforced composite materials
  • Glass fiber reinforced material
  • Electromagnetic interference shielding


Patent Status: 


US 20080280031 A1


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Non-exclusive and exclusive field-specific rights available.


Inventors: Lawrence T. Drzal, Inhwan Do


Tech ID: TEC2004-0075


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