Interlayer Additives for Perovskite-based Photovoltaic Devices


Executive Summary


Photovoltaic devices directly convert solar energy into direct current electricity.  Perovskite solar cells are receiving growing attention for large-scale commercial production..


Description of Technology


Halide perovskite materials are a promising candidate for low-cost and efficient solar photovoltaic applications. A loss of stability can occur when crystal defects are formed during perovskite growth. This technology is a new method of developing highly efficient and stable perovskite-based photovoltaic devices.


Key Benefits

  • Improved device stability: prevents formation of crystal defects that lead to loss in stability
  • High efficiency: perovskite materials have a power conversion efficiency of over 20%
  • Low cost: perovskite materials are used for the production of low cost photovoltaic devices



  • Design of photovoltaic devices


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Inventors: Richard Lunt, Lili Wang


Tech ID: TEC2016-0147


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Raymond Devito
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Michigan State University
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Lili Wang