Enhance Processibility and Performance by Isomeric Mixing of Reactive Oligoimides




Thermosets or thermosetting resins are materials that irreversibly cure once they are cooled from their initial mixing temperature. Because they cannot return to a liquid state when reheated, thermosets are ideal for applications in which high temperatures are required. The process for making these materials is complex and requires a strict set of reactions to occur. Although the same process can be conducted, the material properties of the final product can vary slightly. Two properties that can vary from batch to batch are the molecular weight and viscosity. With these properties constantly changing, material handling, shelf-life and operation temperature can vary. In order to accurately define the acceptable temperature ranges for operation, shelf life and temperature required for optimal handling, the molecular weight and viscosity must be controlled so that the synthesis of this material produces consistent results. 


Description of Technology


This technology is a process for creating a thermoset material that has a controllable viscosity while maintaining high temperature resistance once the thermoset has cured. This technique also increases the processing window of the material, leading to a consistent molecular weight across batches.


Key Benefits

  • Specificity: This process produces a material with a consistent molecular weight across batches and controllable viscosity
  • Thermal Stability: Increased confidence in the material thermal stability as a result of the consistent molecular weight
  • Viscosity Control: The viscosity of the material can be altered by controlling the degree of the crystallinity in the molecule



  • Fiber Composites
    • High Temperature Coatings
    • Adhesives
  • Military Aircraft Engines
  • Military Airframes


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