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Methylene Blue Dye Test Strips for Qualitative Detection of Hydroxyl Radicals

Description of TechnologyMichigan State University’s invention is a method for indicating the presence of hydroxyl radicals in an aqueous solution. The method uses a simple procedure requiring inexpensive materials, without the addition of competitive probe chemicals that potentially can interfere with the reaction. Mythylene blue dye qualitatively...

Binding Protein for Detecting Phosphatidic Acid

IntroductionPhosphatidic acid (PA) is an essential component of living cells. PA-signaling processes are extremely important biochemical pathways that are likely implicated in many diseases and in the pathology of serious health conditions. Its detection and measurement can be very important for basic science and biomedical research. Current methods...
Published: 11/9/2010   |   Inventor(s): Christoph Benning, Binbin Lu
Keywords(s): High Content Screening, Phosphatidic Acid, Reagents, Remediation, Signal Transduction Category(s): Medical, Biotechnology, Chemicals

Electrically Conducting Diamond Powder for Use as an Electrochemical Electrode

Introduction Diamond is a material of significant interest in material science given its collection of impressive mechanical, electrical, acoustic, and chemical properties. One method of fabricating thin-films of synthetic diamond is through chemical vapor deposition. Conductive diamond can be grown in the presence of boron. Conducting diamond powder...