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Plant Cyclopropane Fatty Acid Synthase

IntroductionVegetable oils are used not only in the food industry but also increasingly in the chemical industry. The utility of any particular oil depends upon chemical and physico-chemical properties of the oil, which is determined by the composition of the constituent fatty acids. Plant oils are often modified to meet industrial specifications. Such...
Published: 9/21/2011   |   Inventor(s): Xiaoming Bao, Michael Pollard, John Ohlrogge
Keywords(s): Agriculture Biotechnology, Lithium Batteries, Plant Oils, Promoters Category(s): Biotechnology, Chemicals

Enzymes and Genes to Produce Triacylglycerols, Including sn-3-Acetyl Triacylglycerols

IntroductionBiodiesel can substitute for conventional petroleum diesel in almost all applications. Oftentimes, use of biodiesel requires engine modification since biodiesel has different solvent properties and often degrades natural rubber. Since use of biodiesel is increasing rapidly, alternative biofuel supplies are needed to accommodate the growing...
Published: 4/15/2011   |   Inventor(s): Anne Milcamps, David Pan, Michael Pollard
Keywords(s): Biodiesel, Biofuel, GMO Crops, Plant Oils Category(s): Biotechnology, Chemicals, Agriculture

Wrinkled 1 (wri1) Seed-Oil-Increasing Transcription Factor

IntroductionPlant seed oils are used in many products, including human and animal food products, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, paints, lubricants, and to make biodiesel. Demand for vegetable oils has been increasing steadily and has been bolstered by recent interest in using these oils as renewable alternatives to petroleum fuels. Description of TechnologyMichigan...
Published: 4/15/2011   |   Inventor(s): Christoph Benning, Alex Cernac
Keywords(s): Biofuel, Plant Oils, Transgenic Plants Category(s): Biotechnology, Agriculture

Gene for Low Calorie, Low Viscosity Vegetable Oil

Executive SummaryResearchers at Michigan State University have engineered oilseed crops to produce high hanklevels of acetyl-triacylglycerol (acetyl-TAG). This unique plant oil has enhanced low-temperature properties, lower viscosity, lower calories and additional attractive qualities. Acetyl-TAG has a wide range of food and non-food applications as...
Published: 11/10/2010   |   Inventor(s): Michael Pollard, John Ohlrogge, Timothy Durrett
Keywords(s): Biodiesel, Biofuel, Plant Oils, Transgenic Plants Category(s): Biotechnology, Energy, Agriculture