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Non-Precious Metal Catalysts Synthesized Through a High Pyrolysis Method

Introduction Fuel cells convert fuel, like hydrogen or methanol, into electrical current to provide power for various applications. There are many types of fuel cells, which vary by material, fuels, and byproducts produced. For example, a hydrogen fuel cell uses a catalytic surface to electrochemically oxidize a fuel to liberate a proton (H+) and...

Electrically conductive polycrystalline diamond and particulate metal-based electrodes for fuel cells and other electrochemical applications

IntroductionDiamond is a material of significant interest in material science given its collection of impressive mechanical, electrical, acoustic, and chemical properties. One method for fabricating thin-films of synthetic diamond is through chemical vapor deposition. Conductive diamond can be grown in the presence of boron. Platinum can be integrated...
Published: 9/24/2010   |   Inventor(s): Greg Swain, Jian Wang
Keywords(s): Electrocatalysts, Electrochemistry, Electrosynthesis, Fuel Cell Category(s): Electrical, Energy